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Have a great user experience with Kruiters. Most common tasks are completed quickly and easily. For example, select a vacancy to see the list of their processes in order by either date or number of stages. You can tell at a glance if the process is open or closed, at what stage the process is, etc. Click on the process (or vacancy) title to edit the process (or vacancy) or to see more details. Double the number of placements by improving the quality of your services consistently. Improve the quality of your services by enhancing your work organization. Triple your current income by focusing on the right clients and building a better brand image through excelent service consistently, which allows you to increase your fees. Review analytics to identify the clients that yield better results for you in terms of number of placements. Analyze the data to pinpoint clients who, on average, provide better compensation for your services. A well-organized recruitment process contributes to a positive candidate experience. Candidates appreciate efficient processes and timely updates on their application status.

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The husband and wife
behind Kruiters

Hey, it's Jess, the founder and developer of Kruiters. Let me tell you a quick version of our story.

Mary, my wife and co-founder, had been working for a staffing agency when she decided to become a freelance recruiter.

The business was working well, but the offer of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) solutions was oriented to medium-to-big-sized companies. In other words, she had to pay a fortune for features she didn't even use.

Lost in the hype, sometimes misled, she never found the ATS tailored for freelance recruiters she was looking for. So, she asked me to create it.

Oh, here's a little insider scoop: Jess Rod is just my quirky alias for Jesús Rodríguez. Blame it on the constant mispronunciations. Let's keep that between us, cool?

By the way, big thanks for considering us!

A smiling man

Chief Kruiter

Jess Rod

(loves pizza, hates complicated software)

Features to thrive

Keep track of your hiring processes and boost your results with
recruitment analytics

Recruitment analytics

Identify actionable insights and make necessary changes to improve your hiring results. For example, focus on your best clients to boost your placement rate.

Smart design

Kruiters helps you stay organized. Ever worked on similar vacancies for different clients and added a new process to the wrong one? Never again! Link clients to colors.

Custom pipeline stages

Whether you have a personal workflow or are working on a vacancy with a particular hiring process, create stages that suit you well rather than adjust to a fixed set.

Search AND find

Simply type the text to search, use boolean expressions (e.g., OR, AND, NOT), search for an exact match, or even group expressions with parentheses. If it exists, you'll find it.

Other features

  • Export of your work (backups).
  • Import of someone's work (restorations).
  • Export of processes (in .txt or .csv).
  • Light and dark themes.
  • Responsive design.
  • Automated tasks.
  • Keyboard navigation.
  • Offline work for the vast majority of tasks.
  • Photos for candidates.
  • Logos for clients.
  • Open/closed vacancies.
  • Vacancies with one or several open positions.
  • Open/closed processes.
  • English, Spanish, and French.
  • Editable currency.
  • Fixed and percentage fees.
  • Custom title.
  • Attachments (CV, job description…).

9 traits that
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Create customized stages that adapt to every scenario, as many as you need.


Your work is stored on your device only, and we don't collect or share any personal information.


You won't see any ads or receive any commercial communications.


Need help? We're here for you at every step, so you're never alone in your journey.


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We don’t sell ads, data, or your private info.
We simply sell an excellent ATS.

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